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Let me paint a picture for you…


A campus that was once alive with bright young people has slowly eroded into a gray, cold, ghost town. This is finals week.


Okay, I’ll confess; I’m being dramatic. HOWEVER, finals week is upon us, and the campus is quiet. When I leave my dorm, there is this air of intensity. The weather isn’t helping either. After a relatively warm fall season, the stormy gray sky and the cold is abhorrent. Not that I ‘ve left my dorm much to examine the sky. My roommate studies in the library, so I just stay in the dorm. Yesterday, my day consisted of studying, napping, and watching The Office. I finally left my dorm to grab an egg sandwich from Cool Beans, then came back to my dorm to eat and continue studying.


Important questions to ask yourself during Finals week.

Going to Cool Beans for an egg sandwich is pretty much what is keeping me going. I learned that Cool Beans offers egg sandwiches all day. This is basically the best news I had ever heard. I mean, I could get an egg sandwich at midnight if I wanted too! I also had to spend my dining dollars, so this was a delicious way to satisfy my breakfast cravings and deplete my account.

I think it is specific to the Holy Cross culture that at the end of the semester, everyone is trying to spend all of  their dining dollars. I have worked in the lobby shop on campus this week and the amount of food people grab just to spend their extra dollars is insane. Let me break it down for you:

Everyone on campus has a meal plan. The most basic plan, and the one most freshmen get, is unlimited swipes at Kimball and $425 to spend at Coolbeans, Lower Kimball, and the Lobby Shop. So, for freshmen, it’s not that hard to get rid of your doing dollars throughout the semester. However, upper classmen who live off campus or in apartments have different meal plans, consisting of a couple swipes at Kimball a week, and like, $1o00 dining dollars [I think this is accurate; I have not studied the meal plan]. Here’s the catch: the dining dollars do not roll over into the next semester. So if you have money left over, it’s gone for good.

So as a sat at the cashier desk, ringing up 5 bags of chips, 3 pints of ice cream, soda, smoothies, candy, donuts, peanut butter, and canned goods, I would wait in amusement as seniors eyes would bug out of their heads and they would say “I only spent $85 dining dollars! What am I going to do with the remaining $250??” Sometimes people would get creative, giving their card to friends to spend, or buying food for everyone in line.

It was really great to see such positivity during such a gloomy and stressful week. I am really looking forward to the Holidays, seeing my hometown friends and family and sleeping a lot.


Thanks for the love, Ryan

Well, I’m going to eat an egg sandwich.

Happy New Year!

Hey everybody!


Things are really starting to heat up here on campus (not really; it’s freezing). On Thursday I will enroll for my second semester classes, and I just can’t help thinking where has the semester gone? 

November just feels like the beginning of the end. On Saturday I turned 18, and I’m just feeling so many emotions. On the one hand, I’m excited that I’m no longer the baby of the group. On the other hand, I am a little devastated that childhood is over! My friends are the best though, because they threw me a surprise party!! I definitely did NOT see it coming. When they threw the door opened and yelled surprise, all I could say was “Is this…for me?”


They even got my name spelled correctly!

Aren’t they sweet?


But now that my birthday is over, it is time to continue focusing on rehearsal. The Underpants runs from December 3-6 (that is only two weeks away!) I’m pumped; it’s going to be hilarious. Here is a sneak peak at what to expect.


Andrew and Hannah, casually making out.


This week we’ve moved from the rehearsal space to the actual stage.



If you look  closely, you can see that all the platforms are sitting in the audience. Because this is an ACT (alternative college theatre) show, everything is built by the students. I am going in on Thursday to build. I have some experience constructing sets, but I’m counting on this being a little challenging…

Click here if you want to read the press release about the show!

On a different note…

Okay, by now you know that I like to act. Though I love art, that is pretty much all I am good at. However, I just had to share with you that my roommate  is taking a photography  class. As I am writing this, she is setting up equipment in our room so that she can take portraits of her and her sister.


My roommate Katie and her sister Maggie, converting our dorm into a studio.

All of the equipment is available here on campus. Katie is in a black and white class, and after she shoots, she gets to develop the film herself. She’s basically a professional… just kidding. But she’s really good.


Well, that is my update to you all!  I have papers to write and a composition to study for, but the thought of Thanksgiving is keeping me going.


Hey folks!

I’m going to be  real with you: college is awesome 95% of the time. Honestly, I love it, and I am particularly lucky: I had no trouble making friends, I am really enjoying all of my classes, and  I am having so much fun in rehearsals for the play. But 5% of the time, things just don’t go your way; last week I was a part of the 5%.

In my opinion, it was just one of  those weeks where nothing ever goes completely right.

After returning from a week long break, it was hard to get back into a study mindset. I had a midterm and paper due, an Italian composition, and I had to finish my Dostoevsky novel. I felt a little frazzled and at a loss at how to manage my time. I was able to get all my work done, but I did end up missing work on Wednesday to study and spent more time hanging out in the library than with my friends.

The stress really got to me on Tuesday when I walked into Italian at 12:55, convinced it started at 1:00…

…and only five people I’ve never seen before were inside the class.

After backing out in horror, I looked at my schedule and saw that Italian starts at 2:00, just like it has all semester.


My week eventually got better. On Wednesday, my Monserrat cluster went to this Russian icon museum in Clinton. Fun fact: Clinton is home to the largest museum of Russian icons in the United States! (My director, who is from Clinton, also told me it’s home to the most bars per capita; the things you learn in college…) After closely examining the icons with a magnifying glass (I’m not kidding; magnifying glasses were provided) I selected this icon to write about:


It is Christ in a mandorla, being protected by angels. It was one of the largest icons there, which is what originally drew me to it. We were also served Russian tea and desserts. I swear, sugary treats make everything better.

On Saturday night, I went out with my friends, Lauren and Renu. We went to Baba Sushi in Worcester, and it was amazing! Renu and I had never really had sushi and had always used forks to eat our food; as you might have guessed, Lauren selected the resturaunt. Luckily, Lauren is a sushi expert, so she helped us order and taught us how to properly hold the chopsticks. I ended up ordering this beautifully arranged special, made up of scallops, avocado, a mango vinaigrette and caviar (pretty fancy, am I right?).


Renu, Lauren, and me, looking super cute in this snapchat quality photo.

It was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten–and I ate the whole thing with my chopsticks!

On Sunday morning I woke up sick (I promise you it was not sushi related; next time you’re in Worcester, definitely check out Baba Sushi). I stayed in my pajamas and spent the whole day in my dorm with Mindy Kaling’s new book to keep me company. Though I loved reading about Mindy’s amazing and hilarious life, being sick was the icing on the cake to an extremely tough week.

Well, things can only go up from here!






My name is Gianna DiMaiolo and I am a freshman at Holy Cross! I live in Mulledy, the biggest (and best) freshman dorm.


Some HC humor from the library.


This first month has  been absolutely amazing. I wish I could go back in time and tell my 9th grade self that college is not the terrifying enigma I thought it once was. Here are my top three favorite things about college so far:


1. Classes

All Holy Cross students take four classes. This semester I am in Russian Literature, TV Sitcom, Italian 101 and my Monserrat, which focuses on fantasy literature. Though I feel insanely lucky to be able to read stories by J.R.R Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, my favorite part of my Monserrat class is my Professor, Father Gavin. I have his class every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and every Thursday he always has us do something fun. Last week we had to write speeches, and the week before that we had to solve riddles. Father Gavin also brings us donuts every other week to compensate for being an 8:00 am class, which is pretty sweet.

You’re probably wondering what my TV Sitcom class is. It fulfills a common core for art, and it is my favorite class. We watch different sitcoms, beginning in the 1950s with I Love Lucy. Other than being an excuse to watch TV, my class discusses essential elements of the sitcom and comedy, as well as myths and stereotypes portrayed on TV.


Some of the books I've been reading this semester.

Some of the books I’ve been reading this semester.

I am really enjoying Russian Literature and Italian 101, the latter being my most challenging class this semester. I have to study Italian everyday in order to keep up with it. Whenever I get frustrated, I think of my Dad. He moved from Italy to Bridgeport, CT when he was seven years old, and he was able to learn perfect english; if he could do it, so can I. I have an Italian exam this Tuesday– wish me luck!


2. Activities

Holy Cross was not exaggerating when they told us there is A LOT to do on campus. I am currently participating in the Alternative College Theatre’s production of The Underpants by Steve Martin. The show focuses a young woman named Louise. One day her underpants fall down, and comedic chaos ensues. I play Gertrude, her gossip-loving neighbor. This show is so ridiculous and hilarious– I am so lucky to be apart of it as a freshman. That reminds me, I should really start memorizing my lines…

I also do a lot of writing. Other than this blog, I write satirical articles for The Crusader, Holy Cross’ newspaper. My article, focusing on Trump in the September debate, was published in the first issue!



Like the nerd I am, I have proudly cut out and stuck my article to my bulletin board.

I have also recently joined the Odyssey, which is the college equivalent to Buzzfeed. I have yet to submit an article though– please feel free to suggest a topic!

3. Friends

The people here at Holy Cross are so nice, so meeting new people those first couple days was not a problem. First of all, there’s meeting your roommate. I’m really lucky, because my roommate is like the best person for me to live with; she’s so nice and really chill about all roomie things. I also bonded with the people I met in my Orientation group. We were called the Clark Corgis (all the orientation groups have cute names like that), and we’ve pretty much stuck together. One night when we were hanging out, we noticed that there were three guys and three girls, so we decided we were like the characters on Friends. 


From left to right: Chandler, Monica, Joey, Rachel, Ross, and Phoebe


However, you meet fun and interesting people everyday: chemistry majors and english majors, Texans and Chicagoans, liberals, conservatives, and fellow Mindy Kaling lovers. Meeting a variety of people who share my interests and also have completely unique points of view has been one my favorite things about college.

That’s been my first month so far! You will all be hearing from me soon.


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